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What is RapidMiner?
The rapidminer.com website provides an introduction to the software, a list of its features and a few examples of its use.

RapidMiner pricing

RapidMiner Studio

Comprehensive data science experience from data prep to model deployment.

What's included

  • Application & Interface

RapidMiner Go

All you need is a data set (like an Excel sheet) and something you want to predict. The automated and guided experience helps you create and select the best model for your business.

¤10.00 /mo

What's included

  • Machine learning model

RapidMiner Enterprise

Create a plan for your team’s specific needs.

What's included

  • Data Prep

RapidMiner Educational License Program

The software offers renewable educational license of RapidMiner Studio, AI Hub (formerly Server), and Radoop for Students. Access free online training courses via RapidMiner Academy, free certification exams with credentials that can be shared on LinkedIn, and support via the RapidMiner Community.

What's included

  • Unlimited Data Rows

RapidMiner features

Predictive Analysis

Sentiment Analysis


Audience Analysis

Document Classification

Built-in Library

Geospatial Analysis

Import-Export Option

Multi-language Support

Competitive Analysis

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Frequently asked questions about RapidMiner

How does RapidMiner work?

1. RapidMiner is an open source software for data mining and machine learning. It is used to perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), which is a process of finding patterns and relationships in data.

2. RapidMiner uses a data mining algorithm called a decision tree to find patterns in the data.

3. A decision tree is a hierarchical tree that consists of a root node, one or more intermediate nodes, and leaf nodes.

Can i use RapidMiner for free?

There is a free trial pricing plan so you can use it for free for a limited time

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