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What is EazyStock?
Eazystock is a simple, easy to use demand forecasting software that helps retailers and manufacturers make better inventory decisions. Eazystock's built-in algorithms learn how to predict demand, and it's easy to get started, with a free trial and everything you need to get started.

EazyStock pricing

Professional Edition

Best for companies looking for accurate forecasts, and optimal safety stock and re-order points.

What's included

  • Demand Forecasting

Premium Edition

Best for companies looking for optimized forecasts, safety stock, re-order points, and replenishment orders.

What's included

  • Demand Forecasting

Global Planner Edition

Best for companies looking to optimize a multi-location supply chain holistically.

What's included

  • Demand Forecasting

EazyStock features

Warehouse Management


Search (Filter)

Barcoding (RFID)

Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Overview

Order Entry

Purchase Order Management

Serialized Inventory Tracking

Shipping Management

Supplier Management

Cost Tracking

Custom Pricing Models



Transfer Management

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Can i use EazyStock for free?

You have to pay to use EazyStock

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