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What is Focus?
The mission of Focus is to help you control your day-to-day life, and to help you manage the people and tasks that you have. Focus provides you with a daily overview of your personal goals, which you can use to set your day's agenda. You can also use this for managing the people and tasks that have been assigned to you.

Focus pricing



What's included

  • Up to 4 users



¤5.00 /mo

What's included

  • Up to 100 users

Pro + Culture


¤8.50 /mo

What's included

  • Up to 100 users



What's included

  • Everything in Pro, plus

Check-ins (Meeting & culture)


¤2.50 /mo

What's included

  • Up to 100 users

Check-ins & Culture (Meeting & culture)


¤5.00 /mo

What's included

  • Up to 100 users

Enterprise (Meeting & culture)


What's included

  • 100+ users

Focus features

Predefined Templates

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Goal Management

Team OKR

Individual OKR

Onboarding Tools

Access Control


Strategic Planning

Feedback Management


Progress Tracking

Reporting (Analytics)

File Sharing

HRIS Integration

KPI Management

Strategic Alignment

Weight Assignment

Confidence Levels

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Frequently asked questions about Focus

How does Focus work?

1. OKR® is a web-based, open-source, agile project management software solution. It is designed for agile teams and helps them manage projects, issues, and deliverables in open, transparent, and collaborative ways. It is free to download and use, and it has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times.

2. With OKR, you can collaborate on projects and deliverables, manage issues and tickets, and collaborate on completing individual tasks. It also has a test-driven development methodology, so it helps you and your team develop software faster and more efficiently.

3. The OKR® system automates team tasks, and it makes the entire process more transparent. The system allows you to manage projects, issues, and deliverables. It gives you the ability to track and manage issues, manage the backlog, create a test suite, and collaborate on issues.

Can i use Focus for free?

Focus has a freemium pricing plan so you can use it for free

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